Our Clients

Completed Project


Siemens Pakistan

Installation and Commissioning of PRI’s & BRI’s in different Telephone Exchanges for various customers and installation of Batteries & Rectifiers (-48VDC & -24VDC) as a Sub-Contractor of M/s.Siemens Pakistan. Laying, Termination and Commissioning of Fiber Optic Cable (Single Mode Outdoor) at various locations in Karachi, Hyderabad and Interior Sindh Remote Areas.


Hino Pak

Laying/Jointing/Termination of Optical Fiber Cable between to offices of Hino Pak
and established their local area network in collaboration with M/s.Telecom Group.


OMV Pakistan.

a) Installation, Termination, Testing & Commissioning of PCM Voice / Data Mux b/w
OMV Sawan Field to Chundko Telephone Exchange (Gambat) for the provisioning of 20
telephone lines as sub-contractor of Pak Datacom Limited.

b) Installation & Commissioning of Rectifiers for providing –48 VDC & -24 VDC
Power supply for Mux, installation of solid batteries at the Exchange End.


Aga Khan University & Hospital.

Installation & Commissioning of SDH SMA-1K Optical Fiber System
155Mbits point to point as a sub-contractor of M/s. Siemens Pakistan.


Gerrys Internet Pvt Ltd. (I.S.P).

Installation & Commissioning of SDH SMA-1K Optical Fiber System
155Mbits point to point as a sub-contractor of M/s. Siemens Pakistan.


Multi Net Pvt Ltd. (I.S.P).

Installation & Commissioning of SDH SMA-1K Optical Fiber System
155Mbits point to point as a sub-contractor of M/s. Siemens Pakistan.


TelcoNet Communication & Engg.(Pvt)Ltd. Islamabad.

Installation and commissioning of STRINGER/DSLAM Voice&Data Mux in National
elecommunication Corporation (NTC) Exchanges in Karachi, Hyderabad, Sukkur &
uetta for providing data communication.(Worked as a Sub-Contractor).



a) Installation of different antennas i.e. VHF, Omni Directional, UHF Yagi Antennas,
NDB loop antenna, Environment sensor with Laying/Termination of RF Feeder Cable of
each antennas with complete grounding.

b) Re-location of DRS Equipment from old temporary Clough Office to New Location
of OMV Pakistan with complete laying/termination/testing into commissioning of DRS
and restoration of all telephone lines.

c) Complete Entertainment Camp Arrangement. Complete cabling in Sawan Gas Field
telephone/data cables in OMV Offices and different locations etc.

d) Supplied Telecom Engineers & Telecom Technicians to M/s.CLOUGH ENGG. for
completion of all Telephone, Data Cabling, RG-6,RG-11 Cables for Camp Entertainment
System at Sawan Gas Project. CCTV Setup, Personal Tracking System etc.

e) Co-ordination with M/s. L.T.E. Engg. in Laying, Jointing, Splicing, Testing of
Singe Mode Direct Burial Optic Fiber Cable 12 Fibers on Sawan Gas Field.

f) Fencing work around 45Meters Height Self Support Tower and complete civil work
in respect of BTS Room including its Electrification, Ground Job in all respect.


OMV Pakistan.

a) Providing, Installation of 42U Telecom Shelf Rack at Sawan Gas Field for DRS
Equipment + PCM 30H Mux.

b) Providing, Laying and Termination of 20 Pair Telephone Copper Cable for
extending telephone lines at Warehouse.

c) Upgrading of LAN Structured Cabling, including complete ducting work,
channeling work and laying, termination of LAN cabling in all respect.


Contact Remote Services., Karachi.

Provisioning of PRI’s, Installation, Laying, termination of PRI Cables at PTCL
Telephone Exchange and Subscriber End.


Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC), Karachi.

Re-structured Data / Voice Cabling in I.T. Room, Laying of CAT-5 data cables
From Patch Panel to user Nodes and organizing of scattered cables etc.


System Innovation (Pvt)Ltd.

Co-ordination in new setup of ISP, Provisioning of 30-Pair Telephone Cable between
PTCL Exchange to Client Premises, end to end termination and commissioning of Cables
Creation of PRI’s and complete cabling in Exchange premises i.e. in PCM Room, MDF
Room, Power Supply and Rectifiers as well.


Net Sole (Pvt)Ltd., (ISP).

Maintenance of Guy Tower 100 Feet Height.


Muslim Commercial Bank.

Supply of Cisco Router accessories i.e. interface cables, smart cards etc. Provision
and commissioned ISDN (BRI) Circuits at different branches at Karachi.


Indus Motor Company Pvt. Ltd.

Annual Maintenance of Communication Guyed Tower having 150 Feet Height.


Huwaei Technologies Pakistan

In-Door Room Modification Job for the installation of ONU's at different locations
In Karachi City under OFAN Phase-II Project. The following works executed.
- Complete Civil & Engineering works.
- Providing Earth Resistance less than 01 Ohm by making two grounding pits.
- Room Modification, Electrification, Grounding, False Ceiling, Venyle Flooring
in accordance with the provided engineering diagram by M/s.Huwaei Tech. Pak.
- Construction of BTS Rooms having 10' x 10' in all respect in Karachi at different


Pak Datacom Limited

-Complete Civil, Electrical & Communication Setup at PTCL Gateway Exchange
(Co-Location Center) for British Telecom Project (BTP). Constructed Room
Size:12' x 16', Done Raised Flooring, False Ceiling, Iron Cable Runway, Remote
Access Fire Alarm System, Panic Alarm System, Remote Access Digital Door Lock
IP Based, CCTV Setup, Grounding System for providing less than 01 Ohm Earth
Resistance required for Telecom SDH Equipments.

-Erection, Supply & Installation of Communication Guyed Tower, Commissioning
of Link End to End on different sites of Pak Datacom Customers.


Tethyan Copper Company. (Australia).

Provisioning and configuration of Cisco Routers 2811 VK9 CCME b/w Karachi to
Balochistan (Chaghi) Rekodik Plant over VSAT 512kbps link.

Deployment of Wireless Bridges to establish Hot Spot Point to Multipoint at Chagi
Rekodik Plant to access voice / data up to 10Mbps data through-put.

Established LAN Setup across 10 Residential Containers and 5 Office Containers,
Complete out-door digging of trenches, conduit work etc. on turn key basis.


Dewan Group of Companies (DMG).

Providing 02 UAN Numbers at FTC DMG Head Office, Karachi. 06 ISDN Lines
For point to point on line connectivity b/w DHA Office to FTC Building DMG
Head Office.


Hantex Denim Pvt Limited.

-Providing 01 UAN Number, Installation and Commissioning of 16 x 120 lines
IP PABX. On-Line Data Connectivity between two Offices, LAN setup.

-Supply & Installation of 100’ feet Guyed Tower and complete cabling in respect
of power, electrical, feeder cables as well.


Dewan Petroleum (DMG).

Supply, Installation & Commissioning of Cisco Routers 1751V at Rodho Gas Plant
In D.I. Khan for point to point connectivity b/w Islamabad to Rodho Gas Plant.


Asia Petroleum Limited.

Supply of 100 Feet Height Communication Guyed Tower (Hot Dip Galvanized 15"
Triangular Sections) for KP-40 Station to provide redundant communication solution.


Denim Clothing Company.

Installation and Commissioning of 03 Communication Guyed Towers (Galvanized
12" Triangular Sections) for establishment of Hot Spot Connectivity for
Data/Voice/CCTV etc. across three factories i.e. Denim Clothing – Karsaz Denim –
Fatani Denim on turn key basis. Providing and commissioning of Wireless Smart Bridges
airHaul Nexus next generation with 29dBi antennas dual band long range etc.

Providing, Configuration and Commissioning of Cisco Modular Router 2611 with dual
Ether Net Interface at Denim Clothing Company to access I.P. Based Video DBR’s
functioning on Karsze Denim & Fatani Denim.


Asia Petroleum Limited.

Installation and Commissioning of 100 Feet Height Communication Guyed Tower at
KP-40 Repeater Station towards Hub Power Plant and installation of Antenna with RF
0.5” Low Loss Cable up to Motorola Radio Base Station provide redundant
communication solution in parallel of Fiber Optic System.

Half Yearly maintenance contract of already installed guyed VHF Tower having
100’ feet height at Pipri Terminal Plant Station.

Quarterly maintenance of 100 feet height guy wire tower at KP-40 Repeater Station
Surjani Town.

Quarterly maintenance of masts installed at KP-41 & KP-42 for VHF
Communication at Pipri Terminal of APL.


Gul Ahmed Textile Mills.

Providing of 64kbps DXX Fiber Optic Connectivity on monthly recurring basis
between Sales Office I.I. Chundrigar Road to Gul Ahmed Textile Head Office Unit #02,
Landhi. Responsible for Operation and Maintenance quarterly basis.

Maintenance of 04 Guy Wire Towers at different units of Gul Ahmed Textile Mills.

Erection & Installation and commissioning of Guy Wired Towers at Lasani GTM
160’ height and GTM Accounts 60 feet height for CCTV setup.


BP Pakistan Exploration & Production Inc.

Providing and Commissioning of DTU-2801 Alcatel and survey of Badin Field for
Maintenance of existing communication towers, rehabilitation of LAN, WAN cables and
infrastructure etc.

Maintenance / Over Hauling of existing self support towers at Golarchi, Khaskheli
Fields. Omni Directional Antennas, Yagi Antennas, Winder Sensor Devices, Sun Solar
Batteries, Photo Switch System, Lightning Arrestor, Air-Craft Warning Lights etc.


Chevron Pakistan Limited (Formerly CALTEX Pakistan).

Maintenance of Radio Communication Guy Wire Towers already installed in
Pakistan on different locations in which 4 in Karachi City, 5 in Panjab.

Provisioning, Installation, and termination of E1 circuit at Chervron Head Office
State Life Building from nearest fiber optic media of PTCL (ONU) including completing
PCM Cabling.


Karachi Electric Supply Corporation (KESC).

Maintenance of Radio Communication Guy Wire Towers at Karachi on various
KESC Grid Stations through Siemens Pakistan as a Sub-Con.


Descon Engineering Lahore.

Dismantling of already installed DRS Radio Communication Guy Wire Tower 140
feet height at Mirani Dam Turbat, Balochistan on behalf of Descon Engg. and
dismantling of VSAT Dish in all respect.


OMV Pakistan. (Kadanwari Gas Facility)

Providing, Erection and Commissioning of 250 feet height guy wired VHF
communication tower on turn key basis at Kadanwari Gas Facility owned by M/s. OMV
Pakistan at Khairpur Disttrict.


DHA Cogen Pvt. Ltd.

Providing and maintenance of Wireless Radio Link point to point on quarterly
recurring basis on turn key basis for providing of one E1 Leased Line Circuit from
Clifton Telephone Exchange to Customer premises for providing of Voice / Data facility
including DID.


SNC Lavlin Canada.

Responsible to provide all structured cabling of CAT-6, including ducting / trenching
, civil activity, fiber optic connectivity (Single Mode / Multimode), CCTV Camera
Installation, termination, feasibility for providing of E1 / PRI circuits from Karachi to
Chagi (Balochistan) etc. Deal is near to finalize in the end of November, 2009.


NOVARTIS Pharma (Pakistan).

Designing of Fiber Backbone Ring Network in Norvartis Pharma Head Office West Wharf including providing, installation and commissioning of fiber optic backbone project including migration and switching of active network traffic from old scenario to newly laid fiber optic backbone with the help of BT (British Telecom Consultant of Novartis Pharma UK). Successful deployment of network and maintenance support.

Providing, laying, installation and commissioning of complete UTP network in Jamshoro Plant / Factory of Novartis Pharma and providing support and services including maintenance and support for 140 feet height wireless communication tower at Jamshoro.

Fiber Optic Backbone connectivity in ring mode. Relocation of data center from old location to new location at Jamshoro Site Novartis, jointing, splicing, OTDR testing, connectivity of each active catalyst switch from department end to new data center. Rack management, harnessing and dressing of all passive cables in 42U rack. Relocation of Wireless Communication Tower from old building to newly constructed building etc.


Oil & Gas Development Company (OGDCL Pakistan).

Providing, Erection and Installation of VHF / DRS Microwave Tower at Uch Gas Field Balochistan and complete communication setup of Microwave, Maintenance of Tando Alahyar Gas Field VHF Tower & OGDCL Ware House at Nooriabad/WiFi deployment, CCTV network, LAN maintenance etc.

Complete active and passive network designing and implementation i.e. UTP network approx: 300 nodes data / voice, WIFI deployment, CCTV network, PABX, installation and commissioning of point to point radio links commissioning, DXX 2Mb Circuit between OGDCL Islamabad Head Office – Regional Office OGDCL at Dawood Center, PIDC House installation and commissioning. Including providing 24/7 basis support.

Dismantling of DRS link with guy mast tower, re-erection, installation of new heavy duty guy mast tower at Kunnar Oil Field of OGDCL at Tandojam and DRS Microwave Link deployment and its commissioning point to point. Supply of single mode fiber optic cable, WiFi installation and commissioning at Sanghoro Gas Field at Sanghar District.

Supplying, installation, configuration and commissioning of CCTV Still Cameras and PTZ Cameras for close monitoring of OGDCL Fields and its connectivity with OGDCL Head Office Islamabad as per requirement of OGDCL respective Field as well.

Preventive maintenance / overhauling of already installed guy wired tower at Khadeji Store of OGDCL.